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Issy Wittrock
Read More about her philosophy “Love people for what
they are, not for what you would want them to be!”

Hawkeye Care Center Bancroft is small enough to offer personalized long-term and skilled nursing care in a strong one-big-family atmosphere.

Our exceptionality comes from the stability and longevity of employees who possess big hearts and an equally big commitment to the “household model”. Here, employees work around each resident’s respective schedule and routine. The result is highly individualized care for every resident and a reputation for excellence year after year. The center also offers assisted living apartments at Hawkeye Care Center Assisted Living Bancroft directly adjacent to it.

As a Hawkeye Care Center, we’re part of a phenomenal family of senior care communities with strong, supportive leadership and roots in Iowa that go back more than four decades.

Our core values were created to bring out true happiness, positivity and fun for residents and responsibility, innovation, leadership and trust in employees.

Services created from the heart

24-hour Specialized Nursing Care
Rehab to Home Program with Licensed Therapists
Admission and Social Services
Recreational and Wellness Programs
Restorative Program
Respite Stays

You belong at Hawkeye Care Center.

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“The staff is very dependable and physicians are very complimentary of the place because of that. We have very low turnover.”

Stories from the Heartland

Every resident at a Hawkeye Care Center has a story to tell about his or her journey through life. The person they are today is an evolution of the people they’ve met and the influences, actions, events, challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced throughout the decades. We are proud to be a part of every resident’s story and to support them in the next chapter of their life.

Issy Wittrock

“Love people for what they are, not for what you would want them to be!” This is a life philosophy Issy Wittrock has lived by through all her ups and downs. And to the staff, it’s why Issy is so special to be around. At age ten, Issy and her sister Lucille were placed in an orphanage until eight grade. While she described her young years as her “Lost Childhood” she didn’t let the adversity interfere with the rest of her rich and joyful life with husband Charles and their six children. Issy was a devoted homemaker and helped her husband tend to farm. She loved tending to a large garden and canned her harvest year after year; they even butchered their own meat. One of her greatest pleasures and talents was to sew all her family’s clothes along with crocheting afghans and quilts for loved ones. Her faith and optimistic attitude permeates into the lives she continues to touch every day.

Merlin Boll

Watching the picturesque sunset over farm fields every evening from his room at Hawkeye, Merlin relishes the fond memories of his own farming days. Throughout his 65 working years, Merlin had many interesting careers before retiring 21 years ago. He grew up in the Heartland, worked at a feeding company, was a truck driver for 20 years – and even spent two years in the army stationed in Japan. He married Marlene who actually lived right across the street from him. He was a loyal member of the Legion for 50 years and loved attending meetings and playing Euchre. One of his biggest feats was taking over his uncle’s farm and working through those colorful sunsets for 13 years. Today, he enjoys visits from his daughters and hearing heartfelt stories about his 11 grandchildren and five great grand children.

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We are always happy to hear from talented individuals wanting to become part of Hawkeye Care Center Bancroft’s staff. If caring comes naturally, we want to hear from you.

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